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Dr. Lauren Shure
Barry University (FL)

“I don't really know any other programs [that] are really doing [this] work specifically. To be able to come to a webinar about how best to serve our Black children…I really feel I'm able to learn about things that are not really available [in] other places…I think also it's a model for how to do this authentic practice. How to show up and do trauma-informed care in a way that has integrity and can be just that natural human connection to people suffering through the world together but in a way where I have certain awareness, knowledge, and skills that I can help other people to see that they also have awareness, knowledge, and skills that can help them to move forward in whatever healing process they're going through.”

Mayet Dalila
Black Star Line: African Centered Family Educational Collective (WA)

“When it comes to CRESTS programming, what comes through each and every time is an unapologetic love of Black people and a belief in our ability to be well and a dedication to excellent scholarship as it pertains to the involvement of this work. That approach is unique. That approach is very, very helpful, and it's refreshing. Again, just really grateful for the time, effort, and the energy CRESTS has put into understanding who we are as Black folks and also the willingness to take the time to break it down for us.”

Dr. Meghan Berger
Private Practitioner (NC)

“I believe that CRESTS-Achieve provides resources for scholars to support their clinical practice, support their research practice, so not only can in the moment we provide better care to our clients, but we can also begin producing research that which justify the evidence so that instead of culturally-adaptive research evidence, we have culture-centered research practices…I was aware that I was interested in culture-centered counseling, but I thought that my exposure as a student wasn't enough. Clearly, it's not enough because I'm needing more support and just more conversations and community around culture-centered, trauma-informed care. My overall was just thankful and grateful comes up, because CRESTS-Achieve is serving a purpose that I didn't know that I've reconnected.”

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