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On Demand Training

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Putting the (R)ace in ACES: Part One

In this training, Dr. West-Olatunji & Dr. West justify including race-based trauma as key ACEs for Black children.

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Addressing the Needs of Black Mothers: Even the Strong Get Weary

In this training session, Dr. Cirecie West-Olatunji and Dr. Constance West (Co-Founders of CRESTS-Achieve) discuss the prevalence of mental health conditions in Black mothers, highlighting the unique needs of these women.

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5 Africentric Parenting Skills That Correlate to High Academic Achievement

This training is provides an overview of contemporary studies on Black parenting concepts and interventions.

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Unseen & Unheard: Rising Suicide Rates Among Black Children

This course will walk you through the literature on Black youth and suicide and then offer culture-centered 5 interventions that professionals can implement immediately to address Black children’s emotional and psychological health.

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Decolonizing Mental Health Training to Effectively Work With Black Youth

This training highlights the need to re-evaluate the use of Eurocentric theories in conceptualizing and treating Black clients, specifically Black children, and adolescents.

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Putting the (R)ace in ACES: Part II - Focusing on Early Childhood

This course identifies the mental health needs of Black mothers and culture-centered interventions to be used to address their needs.

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