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  • Why is a culture-centered approach so important when working with Black youth and other children of color?
    It is vital to use a culture-centered approach when working with Black youth because it acknowledges the profound impact that African/African-American culture has on the experiences of these youth (rather than using the default of a Eurocentric perspective when working with these youth, their families, and communities. This culture-centered approach to trauma-informed care is unique, the only program of its kind in the U.S.
  • Does CRESTSprogram provide direct services to children/youth?
    The overwhelming majority of the training and other services offered through CRESTSprogram are aimed at equipping educators, parents/caregivers, and mental health professionals to work more effectively with youth of color.
  • How can I secure training for my entire team?
    CRESTSprogram offers pre-recorded and customized (live virtual or in-person) training programs for whole teams and organizations. Please reach out to We would love to hear from you!
  • Are there any resources explicitly focusing on parents of Black children and other youth of color?
    Yes! CRESTSprogram offers a variety of resources specifically focusing on parents. Please visit our training platform to view these resources.
  • What do the letters in “CRESTS” stand for?
    CRESTS is an acronym for Culturally Responsive, Evidence-Based Strategies for Traumatic Stress
  • Do any of the CRESTSprogram materials focus on preschool children?
    Yes! Several of CRESTSprogram’s training programs specifically apply to preschool-age children (ages 0-5 years). Please visit our training platform to view culture-centered, trauma-informed training programs.
  • Can your approaches and techniques be applied to other children of color?
    Absolutely! CRESTSprogram’s approaches and techniques can be applied to other children of color. Our culture-centered, trauma-informed approach to working with Black children is as effective with other youth of color.
  • How much of the information provided is evidence- based?
    All of CRESTSprogram’s training programs are grounded in research from peer-reviewed academic journals. Citations are provided in all trainings and presentations. We encourage you to explore the research that is provided. Additionally, CRESTSprogram engages in its own research to provide evidence of the effectiveness of our approach.
  • Do you offer discounts on your training programs?
    For full-time students, CRESTSprogram offers discounts on the credential programs. Additionally, we periodically offer discounts to our subscribers for various training videos and credential programs. Of course, we also regularly provide free webinars and other resources, including concept papers, podcasts, newsletters, blogs, and fact sheets.
  • Can students benefit from your training programs?
    Yes! CRESTSprogram can benefit students. Our discussion of race-based stress can be quite informative and liberating for students. We also design developmentally appropriate resources for students at the K-12 level.
  • I am registered for a CRESTSprogram live training course. However, something came up, and I missed the training. Can I still access the training?
    Yes! After the live training has been offered, all registrants receive a code that will allow them to access the training free of charge for a limited time on our training platform. After that time has elapsed, the course will be available at as affordable price.
  • Does CRESTSprogram offer any certifications?
    Yes! CRESTSprogram currently offers two certificate programs, CREST-Liberate and CREST-Achieve. Please visit our training platform to enroll in these certificate programs. In addition, after completing a certificate program, you can earn an internationally recognized Badge.
  • Does CRESTSprogram offer Continuing Education Units (CEU’s)?
    Currently, CRESTSprogram does not offer CEU’s.
  • I completed one of the programs and would like to receive a certificate of completion. What should I do?
    Thank you for engaging in one of our programs. A certificate of attendance can be provided upon request. Contact us at
  • How can I join the CRESTSprogram team as an employee?
    Periodically, CRESTSprogram seeks applicants for various positions. Please visit our website for our position announcements.
  • What is the significance of the CRESTSprogram logo?
    The CRESTSprogram logo symbolizes Black excellence, inspired by the West African Adinkra symbol, osrane. This symbol connotes the moon. However, the general meaning of osrane is, “It takes the moon some time to go around the nation.” We believe that it will take the sincere effort of committed individuals coming together to transform the lives of Black children collectively. We must be diligent and deliberate. We must achieve.​
  • What exactly is CRESTSprogram, LLC?
    CRESTSprogram is a business that offers training, other services, merchandise, and free resources aimed at promoting culture-centered and trauma- informed practices in education, parenting, mental health, juvenile justice, and research.
  • How are the following programs related: CRESTSprogram, CRESTS- Achieve, and CRESTS-Liberate?
    CRESTS-Achieve and CRESTS-Liberate are the first two credential programs that are offered through CRESTSprogram, LLC.
  • Where is CRESTSprogram located?
    CRESTSprogram, LLC is headquartered in New Orleans, LA. However, the CRESTSprogram team members are in various states in the U.S.A. and Toronto, Canada.
  • In addition to accessing your “Videos on Demand” Library, can I hire you to conduct guest lectures or to conduct customized training programs?
    Absolutely! Dr. Cirecie West-Olatunji, Dr. Constance West, and the other members of the CRESTSprogram team are available for a wide variety of services. Contact us at:
  • Who is the Founder of CRESTSprogram, LLC?
    Dr. Cirecie West-Olatunji is the Founder and CEO of CRESTSprogram, LLC.
  • Who are the Co-Founders of CRESTS-Achieve?
    Dr. Cirecie West-Olatunji & Dr. Constance West are the Co-Founders of CRESTS-Achieve.
  • Who founded CRESTS-Liberate?
    Dr. Cirecie West-Olatunji is the Founder of CRESTS-Liberate.
  • What is UPLIFT?
    UPLIFT is CRESTSprogram’s quarterly newsletter. You can subscribe to UPLIFT and access current and past issues of the newsletter via our website.
  • Who writes the articles included in UPLIFT?
    Dr. Constance West and Dr. Cirecie West-Olatunji are the primary writers of the articles included in UPLIFT. However, all team members contribute to our quarterly issues. Our Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) typically designs the newsletter and updates the standard components of this publication.
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