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The Transformative Power of On-Demand Training

Updated: Jun 28

Flexibility, Accessibility, and Immediate Insights into Culture-Centered, Trauma-Informed Care

In today's fast-paced world, access to quality education and professional development has become more crucial than ever. CRESTSprogram recognizes this need and has harnessed the transformative power of on-demand training, offering a flexible and accessible learning experience.

Embracing Flexibility for Learners

Convenient Learning Schedules

Traditional training programs often require participants to adhere to a fixed schedule, making it challenging for individuals with busy lives. Our on-demand training breaks these barriers. Learners can engage with the content at their own pace, ensuring that education fits seamlessly into their schedules.

Immediate Access to Valuable Resources

With on-demand training, waiting for a specific start date is unnecessary. Participants can access the training materials immediately, allowing them to dive into the content whenever they are ready. This immediacy benefits those eager to enhance their knowledge and skills without unnecessary delays.

Types of On-Demand Training Available

Decolonizing Mental Health Training to Effectively Work With Black Youth

Highlighting the need to re-evaluate Eurocentric theories, this training focuses on conceptualizing and treating Black clients, particularly Black children and adolescents. Participants gain valuable insights into culture-centered approaches for effective mental health support.

Addressing the Needs of Black Mothers: Even the Strong Get Weary

This training explores the prevalence of mental health conditions in Black mothers, shedding light on the unique needs of these women. The content provides valuable insights for educators, mental health professionals, and parents to support Black mothers in various roles better.

5 Africentric Parenting Skills That Correlate to High Academic Achievement

This training offers an overview of contemporary studies on Black parenting concepts and interventions. Participants gain insights into effective parenting strategies correlating with high academic achievement in Black children.

Unseen & Unheard: Rising Suicide Rates Among Black Children

Navigate through the literature on Black youth and suicide, with a focus on culture-centered interventions that professionals can implement immediately. This course equips participants with valuable tools to address the emotional and psychological health of Black children.

Putting the (R)ace in ACES: Part II - Focusing on Early Childhood

Identifying the mental health needs of Black mothers, this course offers culture-centered interventions to address those needs. Participants gain a deeper understanding of the intersectionality of race and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in early childhood.

A Journey of Knowledge at Your Own Pace

CRESTSprogram's on-demand training opens up new possibilities for individuals seeking to deepen their understanding of culture-centered, trauma-informed care. By embracing flexibility and providing immediate access to valuable resources, CRESTSprogram empowers learners to take control of their education, ultimately contributing to more informed and compassionate professionals in the field. Explore the on-demand training options today and embark on continuous learning and growth.

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